Katherine is a
writer & editor based
in Ontario, Canada.

She is the author of Childhood Unplugged: Practical Advice to Get Kids Off Screens and Find Balance (New Society, 2023). An outspoken proponent of digital minimalist parenting, and a mother of three, Katherine writes and speaks frequently on the importance of disconnecting from devices in order to reconnect with creative play, nature, and each other.

A former senior editor at Treehugger, she has over a decade of experience as a journalist with bylines in numerous publications. She provides editing, writing, and communications services to individuals and companies, and is accepting new clients.

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Katherine educates and empowers parents to cut back on screen time in manageable ways. Her nonjudgmental approach encourages families to evaluate the role of digital media in their lives and use it as a tool, not a toy. Katherine also offers professional communications services. For speaking engagements, interviews, or work proposals, please reach out. Media inquiries welcome. 

Editing & Writing

Katherine is an experienced professional editor and writer who works with a range of private and corporate clients to craft effective written communications, articles, news stories, presentations, and more. She is open to hearing from potential new clients.

Public Speaking

As a published author and recognized expert on the topic of curbing kids’ device use, Katherine makes frequent presentations to community groups and schools. She customizes talks to fit an audience’s specific needs. Katherine is available for in-person and Zoom bookings this year.

Interviews & Podcasts

Katherine is a regular guest on TV, radio, and podcast shows that delve into the topic of screen time and kids. Here is a list of recent media appearances. If you'd like to have Katherine on your show, please reach out.

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Learn How to Reclaim Childhood From Devices.

Screens are everywhere. Children spend an average of 7.5 hours on digital devices every day with profoundly negative consequences. While some tech may “amplify” real-life experiences, the vast majority undermines it by limiting physical activity, creating anxiety, or damaging self-esteem. Childhood Unplugged takes a bold approach to creating healthy boundaries around the use of digital media.

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Loreena McKennittFounder, Stolen Child Project
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Katherine Martinko has written a treatise no parent should miss. How do we protect and enhance the humanity of our children in an age where they’ve been so recklessly bombarded with unfettered technology? This is a must-read book for parents in our time.
David SaxBestselling author, The Revenge of Analog and The Future is Analog
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The passionate, clear-eyed, and thoroughly practical guide every parent needs to fight the good fight against the excesses of digital today.
Michael HarrisAuthor, Solitude and The End of Absence
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It takes an enormous effort to show our kids the world beyond their screens, but Katherine Martinko teaches us how to get it done in this practical, em- pathetic, and fascinating new guide.
Dr. Mariana BrussoniProfessor, University of British Columbia | Director, Human Early Learning Partnership
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Martinko has written a must-read for parents struggling with screen time (all of us!). Her well-researched book shows the urgent need to free kids from screens and release them into the outdoors. She offers frazzled parents achievable practical advice rooted in the challenges of parenting today.
Joshua Becker#1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Things That Matter
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Real-world tools for parents to declutter their minds and set up safeguards to put themselves in control of digital technology. A digital minimalist’s must-have guide to launching your kids into a life of real connectedness and authenticity.
Angela HanscomAuthor, Balanced and Barefoot: How Unrestricted Outdoor Play Makes for Strong, Confident, and Capable Children
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Martinko expertly and urgently takes us deeper into the hidden horrors of too much screen time on the growing child. Then she throws us all a life preserver with the most practical, gentle advice I’ve seen.
Linda Åkeson McGurkAuthor, There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather and The Open-Air Life
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In an age defined by hyper-digitalization and screen-time overload, Katherine Martinko offers a radical alternative by ditching the electronic devices and giving her children a play-filled, outdoorsy, analog childhood. [This] is the rallying cry we have been waiting for.
Catherine PriceFounder, ScreenLifeBalance.com, author, How to Break Up with Your Phone
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Katherine Martinko makes the case that not only is a screen-free childhood possible, but reducing our children’s time on screen is essential for their hap- piness, sanity, and health. Thoroughly researched and beautifully written, it should be mandatory reading for all parents.
Outdoor PlayCanada
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Martinko provides an in-depth, well-researched guide filled with reflections on her own journey with (but of course mostly without!) screens, and the joy she has experienced from “unplugging.” A useful guide for those keen to begin their own screen-free journey.
Neil PasrichaAuthor, The Book of Awesome series and The Happiness Equation
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We must see and bust free of endlessly oppressive algorithmically derived digital shackles and learn, or relearn, how to carve our own paths. The prize is rich, intentional lives full of freedom, connection, and love. Let Katherine and Childhood Unplugged be one of your guides.
Diane RedleafAuthor, They Took the Kids Last Night: How the Child Protection System Puts Families at Risk, Let Grow Legal Consultant
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If you want to prepare your kids for a future that will demand every bit of cre- ativity, compassion, and problem-solving skills humanity can muster, Martinko’s new book will help you take away all the devices that hold them in thrall.